Why You Should Always Hire a Skip Bin for Your Renovation Project

Renovating or remodelling your home is certainly a challenging task which requires a significant amount of work to complete, and one aspect that you should always consider is waste disposal. Home renovations often produce a large amount of waste and debris, which can easily pile up and create a huge mess. So, why should you hire a skip bin before planning your renovation?  Proper Disposal of Waste The most significant benefit of hiring a skip bin for your renovation project is that it ensures proper disposal of waste materials. [Read More]

4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring Skip Bins

Waste management is a common problem in most business and industrial premises. Offices and industries generate tonnes of waste that could affect the appeal of the premises and cause pollution if not disposed of appropriately. Skip bins are an instant solution for people who need a convenient and effective solid waste management strategy. A waste management company places the bin on your premises and empties it at regular intervals. If you intend to opt for skip bin hire, below are some questions that you should ask yourself. [Read More]

How to negotiate a rubbish removal contract for your business

Proper rubbish removal is an essential service for any type of business. If you rely on a particular company to remove and dispose of waste from your commercial property, then you probably signed a contract with them in advance. A contract ensures that both parties will adhere to the terms of the agreement. A contract also clearly stipulates what each party is responsible for—and the consequences of failing to fulfil your obligations. [Read More]

Excavated Material: Understanding the Elements Compromising Soil Cleanliness

Contaminated soil can compromise the environment if not properly handled and disposed of correctly. Therefore, if you are planning on excavating your property for construction, renovation or landscaping work, you should think about the disposal options for your excavated waste. In general, if your soil is clean, you can reuse it within your worksite for applications such as backfilling and gardening. You can also sell the material for reuse in other properties for land development. [Read More]