4 Questions To Ask Yourself When Hiring Skip Bins

Waste management is a common problem in most business and industrial premises. Offices and industries generate tonnes of waste that could affect the appeal of the premises and cause pollution if not disposed of appropriately. Skip bins are an instant solution for people who need a convenient and effective solid waste management strategy. A waste management company places the bin on your premises and empties it at regular intervals. If you intend to opt for skip bin hire, below are some questions that you should ask yourself. Hopefully, they will help you hire an ideal skip bin. 

1. What Amount Of Waste Do You Generate? 

Answering this question will help establish the type and number of skip bins that you need. Marrel skip bins are the largest in the market. They come in various dimensions and carrying limits. Although these skip bins have a large volume, they are difficult to load. Hook lift skip bins have lower sides than the marrel skip bins. They have a door to ensure you have an easy time loading the bin. Mobile skip bins are smaller than hook lift skip bins. They are a viable alternative for people who do not have sufficient space on their premises. These skip bins are easy to load and unload. Skip bags are ideal for people who generate small amounts of waste. The rubbish company empties the bags and leaves them on your premises.  

2. What Kind Of Waste Do You Generate? 

Most businesses generate combustible and organic waste. However, there are instances when a company could have hazardous rubbish such as medical waste and chemicals. This waste requires specialised handling and disposal. If this is your case, it would be worthwhile to separate this waste from the organic and combustibles. 

3. Are You Allowed To Use A Skip Bin?

Local council regulations could compel you to apply for a permit if you intend to place the skip bin in a public parking area. In other cases, strata by-laws could prohibit you from putting the skip bin at the front of your premises. Assess these laws to avoid prosecution and fines. 

4. Which Companies Are Best Suited To Offer The Service? 

The underlying principle when hiring a rubbish collection company is that the company's services should be customised to address your needs. Therefore, inquire about the company's area of operation and their range of services. Besides, ask the frequency at which they will empty the bin. Finally, conduct some background research to know how their customers rate their services. 

When hiring a skip bin, assess the volume and type of waste you generate, determine local council regulations and the availability of a reputable company to offer the bin.